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“Behrends Law is about grit, empathy, and excellence. Our grit allows us to be unwavering in our conviction for our clients. Empathy allows us to uniquely understand our client’s struggles and needs. And our commitment to excellence ensures that we execute in the courtroom for our clients."

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Grit: courage and resolve; strength of character

“Prior to hiring Behrends Law, we attempted to negotiate with an insurance company on a car accident we were involved in. We were tired and worn down, ready for the process to be over after the insurance adjusters kept telling us we didn’t have a strong claim. When we hired Sonny, it was like the tables completely turned. He stepped in, bore down, and became our advocate ferociously and consistently pounding the insurance company. We settled for three times the amount the company offered us before we hired him.”

Harvey and Mary B., Kirkland, Washington

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another

“We consulted with three other law firms before being referred to Behrends Law. These large law firms gave us 20 minutes, charged us for their time, and rushed us out. One even said that a paralegal would handle most of our case. They said, ‘Let us review your case, and we will email you at the end of the week with our deposit requirements.’ When we met with Behrends Law, we ended up spending over an hour and a half. Sonny understood and felt our struggle. It was like we had a skilled guide in our journey through the legal process.”

Lucas and Kayla G., Kirkland, Washington

Excellence: the quality of being outstanding or extremely good

"I’ve used Sonny multiple times when I was rear-ended. He knew the law inside-and-out, made sure I got the care and treatment I needed, and was so thorough that it felt like he wore down the adjuster and just bent them to our will. I will never use a different attorney."

Krysta S., Seattle, Washington

Personal Injury Attorney in Bothell, WA

Behrends Personal Injury Law firm represents clients who have suffered life-changing physical, mental, and economic injuries in Bothell, Washington and the surrounding area. We help people get back on their feet - sometimes literally - during the most trying times of their lives. We put the law on your side to seek restitution for losses and suffering incurred as the result of an accident, negligence, or even malice. Whether you have been involved in a car accident or suffered a spinal cord or brain injury, we can help.

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