“We consulted with three other law firms before being referred to Behrends Law. These large law firms gave us 20 minutes, charged us for their time, and rushed us out . . . When we met with Behrends Law, we ended up spending over an hour and a half. Sonny understood and felt our struggle. It was like we had a skilled guide in our journey through the legal process.”
Lucas and Kayla G., Kirkland, Washington

Injury Claims

We advocate for clients suffering from injuries due to car accidents, bike accidents, faulty products, animal bites, and who have slipped and fallen.

Our clients’ injuries vary broadly. Many Behrends Law clients are suffering from serious spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. We work with doctors to find the right diagnosis and treatment plan to have a full understanding of what it will take to get our clients back to “whole.”

An example of our work

In 2016, a truck rear-ended Harvey at over 40 miles per hour. It destroyed his vehicle and caused permanent damage to his cervical spine. Harvey called us two days later and explained he was experiencing numbness in his hands and feet. We coordinated his doctor’s appointments, and got him an appointment with one of the area’s finest neurosurgeons. The neurosurgeon explained that Harvey was at risk of paralysis due to the accident. Harvey needed immediate cervical fusion. We settled his case for policy limits and Harvey never paid a cent out of his own pocket. Harvey now lives an active life, enjoying the activities that some thought he would never be able to enjoy again. The compensation for his settlement covered all of his medical bills, allowed him to take the time he needed to recover, replaced his car, and provided funds to purchase a home.

“I am not sure what I would have done had I not found Behrends Law. I was overwhelmed by the insurance companies calling and trying to settle my claim the first day of the accident. I probably would have given in. Thanks to Sonny and his team, I didn’t have to.”
– Harvey B., Kirkland WA

Harvey’s neck immediately after the accident.

Harvey’s neck after surgery.

Top Five Mistakes Made When You Are Injured

The insurance process can be daunting. We are here to help. Here are some helpful hints to navigate the process.

Get to the doctor. There is nothing more important than getting the care and treatment you need. If you have been injured in an accident, make sure to get to the doctor or call an ambulance. Do not try to “tough it out.”


Call the police and do not leave the scene of an accident. It is very important to make sure that you receive a police report from the collision. Officers will arrive and assist you in seeking the care you need, as well as the required exchange of insurance information.


Follow your doctor’s orders. Most doctors know what they are doing. When they provide you with a treatment plan, it is important to follow it.


Resuming normal activity too soon or downplaying your injuries. We get it. You are busy, and life does not really wait for you to feel better. But rushing back to full activity or “toughing it out” increases the risk of you living with pain. It also hurts your case, too.

Call an experienced attorney. In the likelihood that the insurance and accident process is unfamiliar to you, make sure to call an experienced attorney. We have navigated over a thousand of these types of cases. We provide free consults, and you will not be charged anything until we are successful in negotiating with the insurance company.

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