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We advocate for clients suffering from injuries due to car accidents, bike accidents, faulty products, animal bites, and who have slipped and fallen.

Our clients’ injuries vary broadly. Many Behrends Law clients are suffering from serious spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. We work with doctors to find the right diagnosis and treatment plan to have a full understanding of what it will take to get our clients back to “whole.”


Sonny practices personal injury, and criminal defense law. He also consults with small local businesses and non-profits on a variety of issues. Sonny grew up in the Seattle area. After attending college in Southern California, majoring in counseling and playing four years of collegiate baseball, Sonny felt called to attend law school in Virginia. Sonny joined the Washington State Bar in 2012 and has fiercely advocated for his clients ever since.

In personal injury matters, Sonny has a 90 percent policy-limits success rate, and a 98 percent success rate on negotiating insurance liens. On criminal matters, Sonny successfully negotiates 95 percent of his cases.

Sonny is an avid (yet still not very good) golfer. Additionally He is a published author, and was once an above-average three-point shooter. He enjoys reading non-fiction, going to movies, and listening to vinyl records. He has a weakness for the perfectly grilled steak at the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle. He finds a freshly pressed white shirt with the perfectly tailored suit and complimentary tie and pocket square euphoric.

“My passion and calling are to defend the defenseless and be the voice for voiceless. I obsess over getting the very best for each and every client.”
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Joel S. Thompson

Director of Operations
Born and bred in the great Northwest, Joel Thompson is a central component in how Behrends Law functions so well. Joel has always been an entrepreneur, thinking out of the box, and reading voraciously.

Joel’s passion is equipping and assisting people in their quest for success. His work ethic embodies what Behrends Law is about – and it borders on obsession.

Joel likes fast cars. A lot. After selling his apparel company, Joel hit the gym and continues to enjoy lifting heavy things. He and his wife live in the Kirkland area and are very involved with the local businesses. He, too, really loves steak.

“I have always enjoyed and thrived while helping others. At Behrends Law I utilize my skills to serve our clients.”
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